Liminib Program

LIMINIB program’s goal is to develop a first in class selective inhibitor of LIM Kinase to treat high unmet need cancers such as leukemias and sarcomas.

The rationale behind the program and an overview of the preclinical proof of concept were published Dr Prudent and Lafanechère et al. in Cancer Research in October 2012.

In a nutshell, our first Hit from the LIMINIB program named LIM-Pyr1 is a selective LIMK inhibitor that has shown potent indirect microtubule stabilization as well as actin filament disruption (see below) . This could translate into a combined antitumoral and antimetastatic activity.

Respective impact of LIM-Pyr1, Taxol and Control on cytoskeleton in-vitro experiments. Actin filaments (in green) are greatly disoganized and microtubules (in red) are stabilized in the LIM-Pyr1 treated cells.
Photo courtesy of Dr L. Lafanachère

We are currently collaborating with leading Research Labs and Academic Teams throughout in Europe, the USA and Asia-Pacific on understanding better the role of LIM K in cancer physiopathology. If you are interested by such collaboration, do not hesitate to reach out to us.