EU Lead Factory and CELLIPSE achieve Collaboration Milestone

EU Lead Factory (ELF) and CELLIPSE announced today completion of the 1st phase of their collaboration program to identify hits against an undisclosed innovative therapeutic target that is involved in cytoskeleton regulation.

The qualified hit list delivered to CELLIPSE was obtained from a screening program on ELF’s Joint European Compound Library that included more than 400,000 (now 450,000) compounds. The screening effort was led by Pivot Park Screening Centre, with support from the University of Oxford, University of Dundee, Newhouse and CELLIPSE.

Renaud Prudent, Chief Operating Officer of CELLIPSE thanked the teams in Oss, Netherlands, Newhouse and Oxford, UK: “Despite some unexpected difficulties along the way, they managed to deliver the results that we anticipated. This will allow us to build a second chemistry asset program, to strengthen our ongoing proprietary lead candidates portfolio of kinase inhibitors for myeloid leukemias.”

Ton Rijnders, EU Lead Factory Head of Screening and Scientific Director Lygature confirmed “ELF is designed to enable the users to secure intellectual property, generate value and build new partnerships. This way, innovation stemming from academia and biotechs, such as CELLIPSE, has a greater chance to reach the clinic.”

CELLIPSE will now undertake a hit-to-lead optimization effort to prepare a package that could attract a major player to further develop first-in-class small molecules. “The ELF industry partners, i.e. Bayer, Sanofi, Janssen, Merck, AstraZeneca, Lundbeck and UCB, are committed to considered all ELF programmes for partnering. This is an exciting opportunity for us and, if we strike a deal, it will be a proof that such open innovation initiative can really be successful. It will be beneficial for start-ups and major pharma companies, but first and foremost for leukemia patients.” added Fabrice Paublant, CELLIPSE’s CEO.