CELLIPSE Labs and Offices at MINATEC CEA

As of January 2014, CELLIPSE is moving into its new 100 sq. meter state-of-the-art facilities in the Minatec building on the CEA Grenoble Campus.

“Being in one of the best European scientific and innovation hub is critical for CELLIPSE and we are very happy and fortunate to be located at the heart of this remarkable ecosystem. It also reinforces our ties and opportunities for collaboration with CEA Grenoble who is, alongside with CNRS Albert Bonniot Research Institute and Institut Curie, our historic research partner” explained its CEO Fabrice Paublant.

It is also a very interesting historical twist of events as the LIMINIB project originated from the works of two of  its co-founders – Dr Laurence Lafanechère and Dr Renaud Prudent – at the CEA High Content Screening Lab, located a few hundred meters away on the same Campus.

The CELLIPSE team is happy to welcome its partners in its new facilities.