About us

CELLIPSE was incorporated in early 2013 by its three co-founders Dr Laurence Lafanechère, Dr Renaud Prudent and Fabrice Paublant to take the LIMINIB program from pre-clinical proof-of-concept to a first-in-class LIM Kinase inhibitor.

 CELLIPSE co-founders :  Fabrice Paublant, Dr Laurence Lafanechère and Dr Renaud PrudentLeveraging internal know-how in high content phenotypic screening and in small molecule lead optimization, CELLIPSE co-founders are building a leading Biotech company in the field of small molecule agents regulating the cytoskeleton with application in oncology and beyond (Central Nervous System, Ophtalmology…).

CELLIPSE is Laureate of the National Prize of the French Ministry of Research 2013 (Concours CNACETI Création/Développement).

CELLIPSE and Institut Albert Bonniot (), Grenoble won the 2013 Preuve de Concept Contest from Cancéropole CLARA ().

CELLIPSE has been supported by several partners before and since its creation and would like to acknowledge their contribution (in alphabetical order):

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